Samuel Cuthbertson’s Website.

Welcome to Samuel’s website. Samuel was a very special little boy who was born on the 21st October 2003 in Warwick Hospital. Sadly Samuel was very poorly and suffered from a particularly rare condition called Myotubular Myopathy. Samuel’s condition meant his life was cut short on the 12th December 2003, at just 7 1/2 weeks old.

This website was written by Samuel’s Mum and Dad as they looked after Samuel in Hospital and Acorns Children’s Hospice. It tells Samuel’s story in his own words (sort of!) and reflects on Samuel, Helen and Ian’s experiences in late 2003. Please take some time to read Samuel’s diary and take a look at his photo album.

We are delighted that Samuel can make such a difference to other people’s lives, especially those who never met Samuel but just read his story from this site. Thank you for all those prayers and candles lit in his memory.

Ian, Helen and Samuel xxx

The following poem was written for Samuel by a follower of his site. We liked it so much we  thought we would share it.

Way beyond the stars where angels fly,
There you will find a special wee guy.
Watching his Mum and his Daddy too
His weeks on earth were sweet but few
Eight short weeks were not nearly enough
But he taught us all some important stuff.

We sometimes forget at this time of year
That people are important, not ‘ what’ and ‘where’.
We learned that of a baby we never met
Can touch our hearts and make cheeks wet.
And he reminds us to make memories, of things everyday
Because you never know who’ll be taken away.

Samuel, look down from heaven with eyes so wide
Watch over your parents and stay by their side.
They remember your smiles and your cuddles too,
Mostly they cry as their arms ache for you.
So give them some comfort, come to them while they sleep
Be with them in spirit when they miss you and weep.

And those of us who never met you, who logged in every day
Who read in your diary until you passed away.
Your family is in all our thoughts at this time
And words can’t express any reason or rhyme
For why this has happened. Or much comfort give
Except to say in all of our hearts, your memory will live.

Sleep peacefully little Samuel

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