As we have had so many wonderful messages we wanted to share some of them with you. We apologise for not having a chance to respond to most of them, but they are all read and very much appreciated.

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Dear Samuel, Me and my mum had a look at your website and your diary together. Mummy was crying she's a right wet flannel and she kept saying how gorgeous you looked, I had to agree with that! I am only 6 weeks and mum thinks I can't read but I can, and I can write e-mails as you can see, us babies aren't given enough credit. Your diary is fab and you look really lovely and handsome, I hope you get rid of your horrid cough soon and can go home. I am a bit of a flirt, and when I go to mums and babies I try and chat up all the boys, but they don't want to know, even though I am very cute and smiley, so I thought I would send you an email to cheer you up. I try and eat my tigger too, and mummys shoulder although she doesn't seem best pleased when I leave little white prezzies on her best clothes. I like your hair, I haven't got any at the moment so I am jealous, and what I have got is just fluffy and not quite what a girl about town needs to impress the boys. Anyway, time for more food, I don't know about you but milk 6 times a day is getting a bit monotonous!

Hi Samuel, Believe it or not I've read your mums diary since you were a bump and so was I!, My names Ben and I'm a huge 9weeks old (I know I know ...old fogie!!).
Iv'e also been reading your diary every week ...with mum of course ( she
doesn't know I can read!)and I think you and your family are really fab ,So
I just thought I'd say hi and to let you know that we are all thinking of
you. God bless

Just a quick note to say still reading your diary and thinking of you...and wow! isnít Cousin Colin a bit of alright?!!! Lots of love Mrs Anon

Hi, I hope you don't mind me mailing as I don't think you really know me, but I use BGH and have been following Samuel's diary. Boy, that kid sure can write, he has me crying & laughing at the same time. Can I also say how beautiful he is, he really is adorable. I think of you all every day and send lots of strength.

Hi guys, Just another quick message to say that Samuel is looking cuter and cuter. It sounds like Acorns is a great place for all of you... but I am hoping that you can take him home with you soon.

Samuel - you are being such a clever boy and you look like a proper little man now. How much reflexology are you getting on the sly? Just remember that Mummy and Daddy might look worried about you but that's their job and they will always feel like that. After all, you are the most precious thing in their world so they have to take care of you! Now you just need to carry on the way you are... keep eating and breathing carefully and then you will be able to see that lovely room at home. How exciting for you all! Oh, and give your Mummy and Daddy an extra kiss and cuddle for us because I think they need it. Take care all of you and remember that so many people are thinking of you, praying for you and will always be touched by little Samuel and his diary. He has already changed people's lives.

You don't know me but I've been following Samuel's progress after reading about your website on BGH. Your strength and hope amazes me and I so wish this didn't have to be happening to you both. ACORNS looks llike a great place and I have made a donation to them today to help them keep up the goodwork. Lots of love to you all especially Samuel.

Samuel, it was great to read that you are preparing to go home. You will really love it there and your Mum and Dad can show off their decorating skills. I am sure that they are really happy to be able to take you home too. (That's why we bought you the St. Christopher... we know what your Mum and Dads' driving is like!). Oh, by the way, we read about your Dad cooking dinner and setting off the fire alarms. We haven't laughed so much in ages but I am sure you took it all in your stride! Give a kiss to your Mummy and Daddy from us and we send you a huge kiss too.

Hello Samuel, Today is Thursday 13th November 2003. Nothing particularly special about that, except that earlier tonight I received an email from your dad, telling me that your ill and being a good dad, he is doing what good dads do ..... worrying about you. He told me that you are 3 weeks old and that you have your own website, so I surfed right on by to check out the competition. Very impressive Samuel, are you getting any help with it? What a lovely thing for everyone to be able to look at and for you to be able to look back on when you are older. Samuel, you are a beautiful and special boy. Anyhow, it turns out that you and I have the same illness, so from now on I'm going to be watching out for you and checking on your progress. This is the first thing I want you to remember; life is what you make it and sometimes you have to fight hard for the things you want in life. Never stop fighting Samuel and then you will grow big and strong.

Hi Helen and Ian, I just wanted to send you both lots of love and best wishes at this time and to say how touched i am with what you have done since the birth of you son.The web site is a beautiful reminder of how precious life is and how we must all make the most of the lives we have and the people in it. I work with Stephanie your mum and i know you will have alot of Love and Support around you at this time My Thoughts and Prayers are with you all

Hi all
I've been dropping by from time to time to see how things are going and admire the lovely pictures with such a wonderful commentary. I'm pleased you're going to be able to get out and about together and show Samuel a little bit of the world. I'm sure Samuel's story is touching everyone who reads it, and I can only begin to imagine what it's like to write it, but it's a wonderful record. Thinking of you all

Hi Samuel, You don't know me, but my granny North (I have a granny South as well) does some work with one of your granddaddies (she says he is a techie many, I'm not sure what that means though) and she told my mummy all about you, so she decided to look at your website and it has made her a bit sad, so she asked me to send you an email to help cheer you up. I am a bit older than you - eight months infact. I am a poorly baby too, so I know a little bit about needles and doctors and nurses. My heart is very poorly and when I was ten days old I had to have a big operation and now I have to go and see my doctor all the time. My mummy and daddy can't stop kissing me all the time and telling me how special I am, so I know what you mean about them overdoing it!!! I just wanted to tell you that all those doctors and nurses really know what they are doing and are all very very very nice. I hope you get to go home soon and see your bedroom - it sounds a bit like mine, except my silly mummy painted mine lime green which I'm not sure I really like. Anyway, my mummy says that if your mummy and daddy ever want to talk to another mummy who has had a baby in hospital then that is fine.  I don't know why she is so sad because your life at ACORNS sounds very cosy and I like the sound of all those firemen coming to visit all the time. Anyway Samuel, a huge cuddle and big kiss from down here in London at my house all the way up to you at ACORNS. Lots of love from Maudxxx

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