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As we have had so many wonderful messages we wanted to share some of them with you. We apologise for not having a chance to respond to most of them, but they are all read and very much appreciated.

Just wanted to write to let you know that my husband John and I have made a donation in Samuel's name to the "Hospital for Sick Children" here in Toronto. We are very saddened by the news of Samuel's condition, and also very impressed by the way in which you are both holding up. The "Acorn" organization sounds marvellous, and I'm so glad you will get a chance to spend time with Samuel there. We continue to think about you and send prayers your way from Canada

You don't know me but I just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I used to like reading your mum's diary on babyworld and now I pop in to read your diary every few days. Now I don't want you to be getting big headed but you really are a gorgeous boy. I know lots of people say that but really you are and I hope my little boy (due next month) is as much of a cutie as you. I was really sad to hear about your Myotubular Myopathy but you be as strong as you can be be for your mummy and daddy. You've seen what grown ups are like, often blubbing away whilst you try and lie peacefully in your little warm bed. I know it's hard to understand but we grown ups worry a lot about 'the future' and can get quite distressed and sometimes we need a lot of TLC. Just make sure to give them lots of big smiles and don't go making trouble. I hope your move to your new 'pad' at ACORNS has gone well. take care and stay strong.

I've been following Samuel's progress on BGH via Hels’ updates - and now reading Samuel's diary. I just wanted to say that I think you are ALL incredibly strong - especially Samuel. I'm praying that he'll prove everyone wrong. With much love - you are in my prayers.

I've just been reading the updates on Samuel's diary... I'm so very sorry to hear about the diagnosis. It must be so hard on you, and I really admire the brave faces you're wearing. The entries you've added to the diary still come across calm and with humour and I think that's wonderful that you can think like that. If there is anything I can do then please don't hesitate to ask.

So sorry to hear the news about Samuel. He is a gorgeous baby and I cannot imagine what you are going through. I know nothing I can say will help but I just wanted to tell you again that I am thinking of all of you.

Hi Helen, Ian and Samuel - I have been following your story with so much interest for months now and words cant say how sorry I am to read how things have turned out. I know no words can comfort you guys or make a difference but my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Hello Ian and Helen, somewhat belated congratulations from us following Samuel's birth, but I don't have too many hours in the day to check my emails at the moment! The photos of Samuel are lovely, he seems a real fighter, I think he's got the right idea and is just super chilled out! He'll be home before you know it. By the way there's nothing wrong with saying "Up the Villa"(as per Samuel's diary) - better that than a Bluenose!!

Sorry to hear that Samuel is still in hospital, but from his diary (what a clever lad) it seems that he is getting stronger. He's a lovely boy isn't he (clearly takes after mum there). We're sure that he will be home with you both very soon. We're thinking of all three of you.

Congratulations to you all. I'm glad to see that he's breathing OK now, despite inheriting Hels "I'm too tired to do it for myself" attitude... he's got your hair though :-) I'll keep an eye on the diary to see how he's getting on.

Hi Hels 'n' Ian, It must certainly be a super worrying time for you both (I feel upset just reading his website) but I'm sure he just wanted a bit more time cooking in mommys tummy and now he’s going to milk the situation for all its worth (Baby’s are great at that).

"Big up" to Sammy and Mum and Dad! Boy, those pictures and the diary entries sure look and sound familiar - but look at mine now! Obviously I know how you are feeling, so all my best positive vibes are zapping over to all three of you. Oh, and try not to get hypnotised by the SAT readings!

Best wishes for Samuel. Just a short note to say I have been following Helen's diary on babyworld over the last few months - Helen, you're very entertaining! You both look like a lovely couple and Samuel is a beautiful baby; all that hair of his!! I hope things work out well for you all and that Samuel will be home with you both very very soon.

Hi Ian & Helen, This must have been a frantic and tiring week for you both! Sounds like Samuel is getting expert help. Today's update was great news - getting rid of the tubes. Give him a kiss from us and keep the updates coming.

Hi Ian, Helen and Samuel. Welcome to the world - we will follow your progress with interest - keep fighting little fella!!

Hi Helen (& Ian), I have read your pregnancy diary on babyworld over the past months and have enjoyed reading every entry. Your witty updates often made me laugh out loud. Congratulations on the birth of Samuel and I'm so sorry his first few days have not been exactly as you would have planned (that's kids for you,they always bring the unexpected). I hope Samuel makes good progress and that you are able to take him home soon. At least he's is in the best place at the moment and I'm sure the doctors will soon discover what's causing him to have these problems. Wishing you all the very best of luck and by the way he is one lovely looking little boy. Take care and fingers crossed that Samuel makes good progress.

Have been reading Samuel's diary - he sounds like he's been getting into the student frame of mind about 18 years too early - obviously a little genius in the making.

I live in the US. I have been reading Helen's pregnancy diary via Freeserve and now I am following Samuel's diary. I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you and your families at this time. You three have been through so much in such a short space of time. As I am reading Samuel's diary I feel so happy for him to have such loving, caring and brave parents. These things happen for a reason and hopefully make you stronger. Each day brings something new and I just hope the Doctors find what’s wrong so you can start your life at home as a family. I am due to have my baby in January and I just hope that I am as brave and loving as you two seem. Lastly :- HAPPY FIRST WEEK BIRTHDAY TO SAMUEL!!!!

Samuel - I have been reading all about you on babyworld and now here. You are a beautiful, brave wee boy. I hope the doctors aren't bothering you too much and that you'll soon be home in your wonderful nursery. take care

Ian and Helen - I can only imagine how you must feel - desperately wanting Samuel home with you. Yours was the first diary I started reading on babyworld just a couple of months ago and it was upsetting to read of samuels problems. My thoughts and best wishes go out to you.

Hi Hels and Ian. So pleased Samuel is progressing well. I love reading his daily diary of how he is doing he is looking well too. Hope the results from the biopsy tell you what you need to know.

Dear Helen, I just wanted to email you to say that I hope everything will be ok with Samuel who is a really beautiful looking baby. I really enjoyed reading your diary on Babyworld and felt rather miffed when you had the baby because it meant that you wouldn't be writing any more! Anyway, your diary was fab and your little boy is too, and I really hope he's home with you guys soon. All the best.

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